CHILDREN’S LITURGY OF THE WORD . . . Join us on Sunday, February 2 and 16 at the 10:00 AM Mass in the Children’s Corner in the Church for Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  Children’s Liturgy will be held on the first and third Sunday of the month. We will tell the Gospel story, discuss and do an activity or craft about the story. Come early so that you do not miss anything. Join us on Sunday, February 9 at the 10:00 AM Mass in the Church for Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Grades 3, 4 & 5. We ask that you sit at the front of the church for the children to receive a blessing before going to the hall for Children’s Liturgy.

CPR TRAINING AVAILABLE . . . Would you like to be trained for CPR, Stop the Bleed, and the use of AED Machines? Time and dates for Training Classes will be scheduled at St. Casimir Church according to interest. If you would like to learn more about the classes, get more information about when the classes will be scheduled or to sign up,please call the parish office at 410-276-1981.

FEBRUARY 23 – SUNDAY BINGO . . .  Join us for our monthly Sunday Bingo on January 26th in the Kolbe Center. Doors open at 11:00 AM. Package deals includes all bingo games and regular specials. Additional special games sold separately. Raffles, trombola and 50/50’s will be sold. The cost is $20 person and includes a delicious dinner and bingo. Call Marlene at 410-477-2959 – Elaine at 410-370-2774.

BLESSING OF THROATS . . . The Feast of St. Blaise, Patron of Throat Illnesses.  Many Catholics might remember Saint Blaise’s feast day, February 3, because of the Blessing of the Throats that takes place on this day. Two candles are blessed, held slightly open, and pressed against the throat as the blessing is said. Saint Blaise’s protection of those with throat troubles apparently comes from a legend that a boy was brought to him who had a fishbone stuck in his throat. The boy was about to die when Saint Blaise healed him.
Blessing of Throats will take place after all weekend Masses on February 1/2.

BLESSING FOR ENGAGED COUPLES . . . On Sunday, February 16 at the 10:00 AM Mass at St. Casimir, the parish would like to recognize all our engaged couples planning weddings this year whether at St. Casimir, St. Elizabeth of Hungary or another parish. Couples are asked to sit in the front benches of the Church and will be asked to come to the altar for a blessing. Please call the parish office at 410-276-1981 to let us know if you are coming.

THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENS AT THE EUCHARIST (CATHOLIC MASS)  . . . Take a few moments to view this video. In a very powerful way it expresses beautifully what it is we do at mass. It is the center of our faith. It is from the Eucharist that we draw our strength and it is the precious gift that Jesus has left us: His very presence. Please join us to adore and worship His presence in the Eucharist on the last Saturday of every month from 3:45pm to 4:45pm in the Church.



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